Headshot for Laura

As a dancer / singer / actor Laura contacted me to get some updated head shots for her interviews and castings. We got a variety of styles with different colours and backgrounds all to help her personality shine through.

Head shots need to be well lit with a minimal background and little or no editing. The worst thing you can do is have an over-edited head shot that you send out to prospective clients. Imagine what they will do when you arrive and look different to your headshot ?!

Clothing is also very important. Loud and bright patterns can be distracting and take attention away from your face – and that is what you want people to look at.

We all change our style and appearance over time as well. This is also why it is important to have an up to date headshot. It needs to be current and fresh.

Here is one from our shoot last night as an example.



We have gone for an off the shoulder outfit so it is a clean natural look. Bright sharp “smiling eyes’ grab your attention and make the image memorable.

So if you are interested please get in touch.

Check out my Headshots section


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