Shoot with Ellie

Ellie and I haven’t shot together for about 18 months and the last time we did Ellie had a terrible cold. But she still carried on anyway and we got some great images. The show must go on as they say !

We had a shoot last night and started off on location near Margate. I had heard about a beautiful field of poppies that were not too far away from the main road. When we got there I was initially a bit concerned as the field I thought it was going to be was completely bare with no poppies at all.

So we carried on a bit further and I spotted a huge patch of red on the hillside. So we turned off down a narrow country lane and I tried to carry on in the right direction to get to the flowers. My sense of direction is terrible (but I didn’t tell Ellie this !) After about 10 minutes we found them and stopped on a nearby lay-by. Phew !

The sun was setting behind the clouds and it was looking a bit grey. Plus the wind was picking up and the temperature was dropping so there was lots against us. Ellie was great to cope with the cold – I know quite a few that would not have been so brave. I gave her my coat to try and keep warm as I was setting up the off camera lighting. This was my first Portrait shoot with my new Canon 6d so was great to see how well it performed.

Once we had finished out location shoot we went back and did some studio work as well. So quite a variety of images from the one session.

Here is one I did a quick edit on last night, mainly boosting some colours and adjusting the white balance to make it look more sunny that it was !


Here is one from our Studio session



Any questions or if you would like to work with me then please get in touch.


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