Saal Digital Photo Book Review

I’m always keen to discover great products at competitive prices. I used to love the Photobooks Apple supplied via Aperture but their product quality declined.  I have recently had one made by Saal Digital.  For transparency, the photo book itself was provided by them in exchange for an honest review, I am not being paid to promote them.

It really is good quality. The cover feels great & the colour reproduction is great.  The binding feels secure & exceptionally neat.  So far so good.

The pages gave me a little concern at the start as they seemed slightly curled. I got onto their support team who were helpful and explained it was to do with moisture levels. It took maybe a week or so but the pages are now flat so i am not worried about that any more.


I love the large lay-flat pages, as i have some images printed over both pages.

I used Saal’s software to design the album, which was not hard at all and created a PDF to check.

Delivery was fast and service has been efficient. Good price point as well. It is more that some of the cheaper end phonebooks but the quality really puts them in a different league to those.

Find these and other books for sale at

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