Family Shoot

I had a great family portrait shoot with Mum Dad and Sebastian on Saturday morning. We were a little concerned about the weather as you can never rely on it in the UK. Swapping messages the night before and the morning meant we could make a joint decision.

It was looking a bit cloudy and rainy but we decided to go for it anyway. We were lucky as the sun started to break through as we met up on location.

There were some lovely beach huts as well as long grasses and the sea and so we had lots of places to shoot. Sebastian was a little tired at times but we had breaks and gave him time to have an explore and relax. We had some of his favourite toys as well which always help. Happy children make much better photos.

There are many for the family to choose from but here are a very small selection


Canvas Print review

Getting images printed is always something I love. To see your work in a large format which can be displayed for others to view is also a great way to get feedback on your photography.

I have an amazing photo that I took of some bluebell woods at sunrise. Well you may disagree but I love it ! I actually got up at 4 in the morning to get over to this location to wait for the sun to come up and get the lighting just right.

I wanted to get a Canvas printed and I have recently had one made by Saal Digital.  For transparency, the canvas itself was provided by them in exchange for an honest review, I am not being paid to promote them.

It arrived in very strong packaging and so arrived in perfect condition. I am pleased to say it really is good quality. The image is mounted perfectly to the frame and the colour reproduction is great.

If you have any questions – or want to buy any prints then please let me know. I hope to set up a separate landscape section soon.

New shoot !

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while but I have been busy. I do intend to try and keep more regular updates. I did a shoot last weekend in some lovely bluebell woods with a new model called Savannah

We tired a variety of ideas and even some smoke – but the wind was a little too much for the smoke os those images did not work that well.

One thing I have been using recently is a prism for reflections and bending the light into the lens. And example is below – pretty much straight from camera. You will see i’ve kept the warping of the light over to the left hand side to try not to distract from her.


There will be more from this shoot soon.

We also had some outfit changes as I have a mobile changing tent for models to swap outfits on location.

If you would like to get involved with any projects or have any questions then please get in touch.

Saal Digital Photo Book Review

I’m always keen to discover great products at competitive prices. I used to love the Photobooks Apple supplied via Aperture but their product quality declined.  I have recently had one made by Saal Digital.  For transparency, the photo book itself was provided by them in exchange for an honest review, I am not being paid to promote them.

It really is good quality. The cover feels great & the colour reproduction is great.  The binding feels secure & exceptionally neat.  So far so good.

The pages gave me a little concern at the start as they seemed slightly curled. I got onto their support team who were helpful and explained it was to do with moisture levels. It took maybe a week or so but the pages are now flat so i am not worried about that any more.


I love the large lay-flat pages, as i have some images printed over both pages.

I used Saal’s software to design the album, which was not hard at all and created a PDF to check.

Delivery was fast and service has been efficient. Good price point as well. It is more that some of the cheaper end phonebooks but the quality really puts them in a different league to those.

Find these and other books for sale at

Getting near the end of 2016

Well its been a great year and I’ve covered some wonderful weddings. I’ve shot some beautiful items in product photography and been very successful with some landscape images.

My Portrait work, which is probably my main love, has also been great this year. Some kit upgrades have now meant that I now mainly shoot on a full from camera with prime lenses. Not that this information will mean much unless you know about photography. But it is all factors which help me grow and develop as a photographer.

I have a couple more bookings over the next few weeks with only a few spaces left before the Christmas break.

I’m considering selling gift vouchers is going to be of any interest ? Please get in contact if it is.

I’ll update again soon with more images



Fun on the job !

I covered a beautiful wedding this Wednesday for Karl and Jo and will be sharing some images soon once they have been edited and delivered to the client.

The weather was a bit disappointing at times but the sun came out later in the day and we had some wonderful sunshine and blue skies. At one point when taking shots of the guests mingling, some of the children took a interest in the cameras and so I let them have a quick play. I had set up the exposure and focussing for them and let them have a go at taking the photos. Some of them came out really well.

It’s not that often that I end up with pictures of myself at a wedding so this was great fun.

I then let them loose with my Fuji X100t while I carried on with my two Canon cameras. It’s great  to have so many cameras as i do not need to keep changing lenses as much -but also so important on a wedding to make sure you have back ups in case of failure.


Me at Karl and Jo’s Wedding 27th July 2016

Robyn’s Prom

I was recently asked to take some family photos before a prom.

It was not often all the family were together so it was a perfect opportunity for them to get dressed up and get some portraits done.

The weather could have been better as we had to dip in and out of the rain but we got some lovely photos out in the garden. Robyn looked beautiful in her prom outfit as you will see below. We did a mixture of indoors and outdoors and they are now choosing some to have printed and up in their home.

IMG_2069-Edit copy

If you are interested in getting some portraiture down then please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.

New business cards 

My new business cards have just arrived this morning from

I designed them myself as I have some logo design experience and enjoy getting layouts exactly as I want them. 

I’m very happy with the quality of the card and the printing so if you are looking to get some cards I would definitely recommend them. Contact me for a code and I can get you a discount.