Shoot with Lianna

We had a great shoot this Monday and we have so many images from this set. I am sure Lianna wont mind me saying that she was quite nervous at the start but soon relaxed into the shoot. Maybe it was my awful Techno music at the start – it was soon swapped with some Jimi Hendrix. I’m always flexible on the music !

Thanks to Sophie, who I have shot with quite a few times now, for reccommending me as a photographer. I think that is always the best way to be introduced and I do love working with new people.

Happy Halloween 2019

I had a great shoot yesterday with a Halloween theme. I have shot with Sophie ( a number of times and for this shoot we teamed up with Lucie website:

I am sure I will be sharing more from these on my social media platforms soon. I hope you have a spooky halloween !!

Block Art meet up

As you may have seen I am taking a bit of a break from shoots but I went along to a recent event organised by Block Art which had a spring theme. We started in Westgate gardens and here is one of the shots I took there.

The sun was setting behind so we had some beautiful light. For those that like the technical info this was f3.6 at 1/1100 on a Fuji X100t with a £10 conversion lens from eBay on the front.

DSCF9548 - Version 2

Their Facebook page if you are interested or want to get involved is

More photos from this set are to follow soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions then please contact me.

Jack !

Well I have been quiet in the last few months and continue to take a break for the moment. This is do to the arrival of our son Jack !

He is my priority and I absolutely love spending all the time I can with him. I will be back shooting again in the future so if you are interested then by all means get in touch. It is likely to be more into the summer when I start new projects.

In the meantime here is one if Jack !



Had a great second shoot with Bex today. Planned an autumnal theme and shot in Mote Park in Maidstone. It is not somewhere I have been before but must have passed it a thousand times. A really lovely location so close to central Maidstone.

We shot in various places around the park and this was one that really stood out for me. i have always preferred portraits with flash in the past (which those that have worked with me will know) and I am keen to improve my skills with natural light. I am really pleased with the lighting on the shot below. No flash, no reflector just natural light.


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