Film Noir ..

Had a great shoot recently with Block Art  (Block Art: Themed Photography Evenings) which is a local camera club that do themed Photography Evenings.

The theme this time was Film Noir and there will be a collection of different images from other photographers to tell the story. I am really looking forward to seeing all the different interpretations and will add a link to the Facebook album here when it is ready

Thanks again to Peter Sladen for organising and models Alex Vellis and Hrista Karapeneva

Here are some of mine from the evening !

(Click on image for slideshow)



Meet Sebastian

Well this little chap was warm and well fed and could hardly stay awake. We got a few images with his eyes open but for most of the time he was out for the count. So he didn’t mind at all being placed in a pot and poked around into position !

What a gorgeous little baby and a lovely family !

Please do get in touch to talk about family portraits and baby shoots.